The Story

This is the story of Afrenasia.

Afrenasia is a 5th dimensional concept object that regularly sends probes deep into 3 dimensional universes. It exists both inside and outside of time. Within various timestreams it has conceptualised itself as an island nation somewhere in south-east Asia, with its actual location shifting and never definite. It is a generator of ideas which it feeds to minds that make contact with it, thus dispersing the Afrenasia concept to new locations and situations. It is like a dream you swear is real, remembering fine details of location and conversation, but you have no idea how you got there, how you left or when it actually happened.

Grant – our designer.

Grant is a graphic designer, illustrator, web-designers, character designer, world builder and occasional photographer. He is influenced by the work of the Designer’s Republic, by Japanese packaging design, comic book superheroes, dungeons and dragons and Hello Kitty. He has worked on posters, flyers, logo design, websites, CD packaging and content, t-shirt design, illustrations, font creation, photo retouching and magazine design. He also DJs regularly, writes his own comic books and designs his own line of tshirts.